About Us

Since the start of Epic Finance we have strived to be better than the rest.  To be the best we knew we had to deliver outstanding customer service and be a preferred supplier for your automotive financing.

Put simply, we have helped Australians get approved to purchase their dream car in a simple straight forward approach without any hassle or worries.  Not only is our approach to car finance simple and fast, it’s EPIC!

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Our 3 promises to you

Customer Service

By using Epic Finance you deal with one broker through every step of securing your car finance.  The broker will be by the phone during most hours of the day (and weekends) to ensure your questions are answered promptly.

Finding the Best Option - FAST

We are on your side.  We want you to be driving your new car ASAP, and that means the providing the best options with unparallelled speed of delivery.

Overcoming Obstacles

We put 100% of our efforts into getting you approved and driving those new wheels.  Our efforts include helping you choose the right motor vehicle and extend to provide you with the absolute best service in car financing.